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Posted by Kate Donahue on December 4, 2017 at 9:43 AM

Intercept®, the Right Choice for Efficiency, Durability and Beauty.

Windows are made from several parts, but the heart of any insulating glass (IG) unit is its spacer. Intercept spacers feature unique, one-piece, and tin-plated or stainless steel U-channel design that creates an effective thermal barrier to help reduce conducted heat loss through the window. Its sealed, one-piece design makes Intercept spacers stronger and better at retaining insulating gas than many conventional designs.

For years, window producers have provided double paned insulating glass units in their product offerings. Traditional spacer material consisted of aluminum box spacer, desiccant and sealant. Over the years, technological and mechanical advances have offered more efficient insulating glass spacer options, called “warm edge.” A warm edge spacer is made of materials that are less conductive than the typical aluminum box spacer. These types of spacers reduce condensation and produce higher R-Values thereby increasing the energy performance of the window. The end result is a window that thermally outperforms other windows, helping to keep buildings warmer in cold weather and cooler in the summer.

The Intercept Spacer System offers remarkable performance and durability as a warm edge solution.

There’s more…


1. Absolute Maximum Performance – Intercept’s patented U-shape construction allows spacer to flex and reduce load on sealant. Sealant flex is virtually eliminated so seals last longer and provide longer unit life. It has the best gas retention of any spacer system available in the market today and the straightest grids that lock into place, along with the strongest corners available. Its superior warm-edge performance meets and exceeds Energy Star® and European EN-1279 requirements.

2. Longest MVT Path – The Moisture Vapor Transmission Path (MVT) of Intercept IG is the longest of any spacer available and provides the most durable seal. The longer the MVT, the slower the rate that moisture will travel into the unit through the seal. End result – longer seal life and warranty confidence.

3. Best Argon Retention – Intercept is the ultimate in argon retention; consistently presenting a better defense against escaping gas. Intercept’s continuous metal flow with no cuts or unions and “quad” corner, creates superior argon retention ensuring excellent thermal performance through the life of the window. It has a loss of less than .1% per year. Results from the prestigious Rosenheim test (The Window Technology Institute (RAL) of Rosenheim, Germany).

4. Ease of Manufacturing – Intercept is the most cost-efficient system in the industry. With the capability and ease of seamless material changes, you can positively affect performance and costs based on your customers’ needs without affecting manufacturing processes, or takt time. Intercept is capable of producing 2880 IGU’s in an eight hour shift, making it by far the highest capacity IGU system in the world.

5. Integrated Software – GED Integrated Solutions develops services and updates all machine software. Our integrated software permits direct downloading of batch information allowing production of spacers “Just-in-Time,” in the order required and without operator errors. Additionally, integrated touch screen control stations eliminate separate control cabinets and reduce operator movement. Computer controlled production provides accurate and consistent high quality throughput with no manual intervention nor manual width adjustment – no manual steps assures high quality production. You have control over every step of the process.

6. Material Options - The Intercept system provides the most flexibility with spacer materials, sealants and desiccants. It is capable of running Intercept ULTRA Stainless Steel, BlackLine® Stainless, BlackLine® and ThinPlate®, resulting in increased consumer options with a variety of performance advantages. When you choose the Intercept System, you are not single sourced for any components, you can use a variety of materials from qualified and approved GED suppliers.

7. Total Lower Costs/Higher Profits - No matter the Intercept product, material, footprint and overhead, costs are always less versus comparable preforming spacers. Reduced raw material costs, and the highest units per man hour productivity in the Industry, ensure you stay profitable.

8. Geometrically Superior - Intercept spacer holds its straight lines, perpendicular corners and grid locations with computer controlled precision. No waves or rounded corners, and grid alignment and accuracy with 1/32”.

9. Strongest Corners Available –Intercept’s patented Corner+ ensures that all 4 corners are punched and sealed identically. This improves corner sealant application and reduces the risk of sight line intrusion of sealant. The new off corner union, creates a quad layer of material at the union and features a positive stop during tab insertion.

10. Manufactured in the United States of America.

With over 15 billion feet of Intercept Spacer performing daily in more than 900 million windows throughout North America and Europe, it’s no wonder Intercept is the #1 Choice.

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